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How about we act human for once?

As the generation who had been born and bred amidst a civil war we know how it feels like to live in fear in your own country. The bloodshed, calling names and alienating our own fellow Sri Lankans who have no other place to call their home has to come to an end.

For 30 years, a day where no death was recorded or no gun shots were fired were considered as a good day. Why don’t we give ourselves a chance to see better days ahead of us? Just as we took one-step in the right direction putting the ugly past behind us, why do we let a handful of deranged people who are hungry for power get the best of the limited time we have to make our lives better and future of this country better.

This never ending game of showcasing who is the most powerful race or religion is only making us powerless as a nation day by day. How fulfilling would it be if all that thirst for power was focused at developing and making Sri Lanka a more powerful nation.

When you start seeing another person as a human being and not for their religion or race the gap between us will fade. The extremist forces can only be made powerless if the neutral and intelligent forces have power.

Aren’t we all human? Don’t we all want to be happy in the end?  It is a two way street. We have to just make sure our happiness does not require hurting another. If we see every fellow Sri Lankan as a Sri Lankan then no-one would want to hurt anyone would we?

P.S. Independent personal opinion regarding recent events. 

-Amali Herath-
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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