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Rhythm Divine 2017; Reminiscing An Evening Spent In 70s-80s

Grass pitch near Old Gym was lit with candle jars and above our heads were the fairy lights hanging just like in a story book. The antique yet grandeur motor bike was placed at the entrance giving us the vibes of what to expect inside.

The show started and there it was a tune from old 70s 80s mesmerizing the audience which was of all ages consisting students, alumni, academic and non-academic staff. On that moment, we knew this was going to be a night to remember. Why? Here is why


With that splendid start, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes for us to feel as we are in the golden era of music. True, there were true stake holders of that era presented in the audience, but we doubted who enjoyed it more! While some in audience whispered the tunes of Milton’s, others danced to Clarence’s. Nevertheless, the stage was exploding in glitter with big wigs, bell bottoms and gaudy sarees all performing to fast beats from past. Amidst the exams, it was an audience of multi-faculty trying to imagine what was it like to live in times of our parents and grandparents. No argument, the stage drama helped us a lot in it! Moreover, that would not have been achieved without the talented music band on stage which comprised of our own university brothers.

The evening was graced with the arrival of Prof. Kapila Perea, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Mr. S.N. Bentotage, Head of Department of Transport and Logistics Management. Event comperes and invitees effortlessly were able to sink the audience in laughter during the interactive session when they started to recall incidents from 70s-80s. Marking the end, vote of thanks was given by Pemal Daksith, Project Chair of Rhythm Divine 2017, who steered an entire department to the memorable evening full of elegance. And how did it all happen? Here you go:


This was a glimpse of what we experienced at Rhythm Divine 2017, the annual talent show of  Department of Transport and Logistics Management organized by Society of Transport and Logistics. If you missed this special evening, do not worry, below are some moments that we were able to catch in our camera eye.

Photo Gallery: https://www.facebook.com/pg/moramediaclub/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1464882550298957

-Event covered by Indeewari Chandrasekara for Mora Mag-
-Video Credits: Society of Transport and Logistics-
(All Rights Reserved)

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