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Rhythm Divine 2017 - Time To Dust Off Your Grandparents’ Gramophone

Already bored of constant academic work pressure and monotonous life style? Now, here is an opportunity to leave out all the troubles you have for a while and ride back to the golden era of music, 70’s – 80’s. Get on board with “Rhythm Divine 2017”, talent show organized by Society of Transport and Logistics (STL), University of Moratuwa which will be held on 20th October at Old Gym, 6 pm onwards.

This will be the 3rd consecutive year Rhythm Divine is being organized, and the success of last two events was visible from the large audience turned up and the beams of joy shone from their faces throughout the event.

Mesmerizing music, dance and drama performances add a broader aesthetic value to the event altogether. In all means, organizers wish to entertain you in a gramophone of your grandparents. Undergraduates of Department of Transport and Logistics Management (TLM) from all four levels have joined hands together with academic and non-academic staff along with the alumni of the department. Furthermore, it is important to mention with gratitude that, performances are not limited to TLM undergraduates, but also undergraduates from various other disciplines in the university too will be showcasing their support at “Rhythm Divine 2017”.

Unarguably for many, the best music was produced in 70’s to 80’s, the Golden Era. Just as the saying goes, “good music doesn’t have an expiration date”, in an attempt to echo back the sounds from Beatles to Clarence’s, “Rhythm Divine 2017” is all set to recall the greatest artists along with master tunes.

Adding to that, while you will be enjoying the performances, refreshments will be served, so as to let you enjoy the evening to the fullest. Hence, this warm invitation goes out to all of you to join with us and witness the glamorous evening of “Rhythm Divine 2017”, which will undoubtedly remain unforgettable for a lifetime.

-Event covered by Kethaka Galappaththi for Mora Mag-
Photo credits: Society of Transport and Logistics Management
(All rights reserved)

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