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Dig Deep With These Questions

When times get tough and you feel like everything is spinning out of control ask yourself these questions. I came across this post on Facebook and it helped me a lot to get through the bad days.

Here are my sample answers...

Who am I now?

I believe that I am a compassionate human being. Who tries to do good to the society but instead focus and obsess more with internal conflicts in my mind about things that I cannot control. I try to be less selfish every passing day.

What are my dreams?

My dream is to be happy. I believe happiness initially comes from within. Helping others and spreading kindness makes me happy. I want to have an impact in other people’s lives. I want people to look up to me and learn something from me. I want to do the best I can in anything I do while helping everyone around me. But as time goes when everyone has to go through their rough patches we need genuine companionship. Simply I dream to be loved and cared by the people around me. Add money, babies and dogs to the happy account.

What do I love?

I love life. People, music and knowledge. Mostly people. I’m curious about everyone. I genuinely never have felt hatred towards anyone that I’ve met personally. (I have felt hatred for terrorist leaders and other evil politicians, murderers and rapists I’ve seen on TV)I want everyone to be genuinely happy. I would love if I can make someone’s day a little bit better. I love that feeling when I feel that I helped someone for whatever small thing it may be. Yeah, that’s what I love. Oh and writing...

What moves me?

When people are afraid to be themselves it moves me. When people are unsure and feel lost in life it moves me, including myself. When I am lost and unsure I am of no use. I wish that everyone could be open and true to themselves. I wish that it would not be weird to express what you exactly feel about someone or something. If a decision or a cause of action doesn’t harm me or anyone around me I’d just go for it. Trust me it feels good to have tried even if you fail. Life is too short to wonder about the ‘What ifs’.

What shall I do today?

Today I’m going to take a deep breath and accept my thoughts for what they are. Then I am going to try and make something better in my life. If it fails then, so what? At least I tried. P.S I’ve been sitting on my ass and staring at a computer screen all day and been thinking all this crazy things.

- Amali Herath-
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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