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Take Your Time. Be Positive.

Have you ever been unlucky? Have you ever had a bad day? Think about the worst day you have ever had. The one I’m going to tell now may be even worse than that.

Imagine it is a Monday and the first day of the month. After enjoying the weekend, you have to wake up early and get prepare for your school, university, office or whatever you are doing. But unfortunately, you wake up late as your alarm is not working. So that you have to hurry. At that time your brother, sister or your roommate starts arguing with you due to some sort of a silly thing. Because you could not wake up early, you miss your regular bus which make you go to your working place or studying place by public bus. The argument makes you so upset and unhappy. It made you do your work inappropriately. Then your teacher or boss scolds you for that. This makes your whole morning worst. 

During lunch time, you have to walk to the canteen as you have forgotten to bring your lunch. While walking to the canteen you slip on mud and fall into a large mud pit in front of whole bunch of people in your workplace or school. This makes you so miserable as you have to spend the rest of your day with large mud spots on your clothes. And no one comes near you since look so disgusted with muddy clothes. Finally, you go to your home or boarding place feeling sympathetic and miserable. You might even feel like running away from the world. But somehow you may recover after two or three hours.

When thinking about this story there’s one thing to keep in mind. You are not the only one who face these kinds of situations. Almost all of us have faced at least one of the above-mentioned incidents in our lifetime. But running away is not the solution for that. The thing you should keep in your mind is you should face it. You should take your time. Time will solve any problem in your life. And all what you need for that is courage, self-confidence, patience and positive thinking.

-Jithmi Udumulla-
Department of Transport and Logistics
Faculty of Engineering

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