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House on Fire

People in this world are described by using a single noun, “People” but is it correct? Even though people are considered the same they are not. There are different types and kinds of people. Humans are like colors in a limitless color pallet with vivid personalities and vivid qualities. For an example there are introvert personals as well as extrovert personals. Introverts are those who like to engage in their own thoughts and feelings rather than merging with others around them. In the other hand extroverts are the chattiest, sociable people one can find in day to day life. They are full of energy willing to find and make new friends. 

What kind of a person are you? An Introvert or an extrovert? 

There is a saying that if you want to go fast you have to go alone, but if you want to go far you have to go together. Therefore it is apparent that together we humans are strong. That is the sole reason one should try to make friends and to be a friend. We should understand that together we can do great things for the betterment of ourselves and for the society. Regardless of the cast, creed, race and our personal differences we should be one family that supports and looks after one another. The Great Wall of China which stands tall until now is a great example for human unity and dedication. If not for those people who got together to build it there will only be seven wonders in this world. Great sports team earned that position in sports world because they rose together as one. If each individual is a color in a color pallet, just as we can make new hues by blending two colors together we can create a colorful world if we unite.

They say “The House is on Fire” when people have a wonderful time at a party or in any occasion. If the introverts became more open and if the extroverts became more lively and engaging we can definitely put the house on fire, creating a more beautiful and a peaceful world where every heartbeat of a person sings the tunes of unity. Let’s work as a single body. Let’s become one in unity and in passion. Let’s put the house on Fire and make this world a beautiful place.

Article by :- Judith Shenali Welikala

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